en route – 28.5hrs

Originally posted September 30, 2011 in LAX

For the last three hours I’ve been feeling god awful because I’m so sleep deprived, and trying to get some REM sleep in an airport is near impossible. I managed some form of something, I don’t think I can call it sleep. There were definitely stray thoughts and images that were bordering on dreams, but there was always a stubborn layer of consciousness floating up there. Nearly lucid dreams!  I don’t know why I didn’t think about flying considering! Damn. Ah, I do remember thinking about my teeth for a bit and going, “no! I refuse to have teeth dreams!” LAST THING i NEED IS TO THINK i’M IN THE STATES, UNINSURED, WITH MY teeth smashed in. Oops, caps lock.

Anyhow, I’ve been here in the LAX for 6 hours and I have 4 hours until my flight departs to Auckland, which will be a grueling 14 hour ride. Whatever logic went into me thinking that I could just sleep in the airport and on the plane and feel normal was outta left field. Remember, sleep deprivation and a 26 hour journey equates to a miserable trip. But I was leaving home for a year and didn’t want to go to bed! I’m feeling better now. I just ate somefood and threw some deadmau5 on. It’s amazing how music can pump you up. I really am tired though. I’ve managed to find a place where I can lie down and not look too much like a vagabond (although it’s on a hard, cold bench/giant windowsill). I’m at that point though where you’re so tired that you close your eyes and can’t sleep, accompanied with a terrible aching pain behind your eyes.

Holy city sprawl! LA is crazy compared to Cow Town. So many people; row after row after row after row of buildings. I took pictures from the plane and will post them for comparison later.

Airplanes are vessels of discovery. Not only do they pick you up and fly you thousands of miles away from where ever it is you are from, but you see earth in such an alien perspective. Each little window is like your own petri dish with new things growing and morphing on the horizon.

Hooray humidity! Calgary is a moisture sucking hole and wow did my skin ever feel it while I was there. I also lost the wee bit of curl in my hair that Toronto affords me.

Man traveling is fun. I was beaming when I got off the plane, and I’m not even at my final destination. It does kind of suck being alone though, way more fun to do shake face with people than by yourself.


I’m aboard! Just got on my Qantas plane. Accents are fascinating things. The flight attendant just moved a man’s bag and said in an adorable accent, “Is this your bag? I’m just going to pop it into this other locker because otherwise it won’t shut.”

Arrived at Calgary airport at 930. Flight to LA at 12 – 2.5hours
Calgary to LA – 3 hours
In LA airport – 10 hours
Flight to Auckland – 13 hours

Total – 28.5 hours


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