This blog, a continuation of sorts

After frantically trying to scribble down every last detail of what happened on our Europe vacation, I came to the conclusion that writing by hand is painfully slow. The amount of time it takes me to write out a paragraph is considerably faster than my childish handwriting, though typing trumps them both. How often does anyone write by hand anymore anyway? It’s a novelty to receive a hand written letter, or a hand written anything! Perhaps someone’s name beside a printed happy birthday. Anyhow.

My subsequent snail pace resulted in entries that failed to capture everything that I wanted to say and record. When you have 3 or 4 days of jam packed journal entries waiting to be written, it’s a little pressing to hurry up and get something on paper because tomorrow is going to be crammed with more happenings. I’m hoping to be able to elaborate and stir up some things I’ve already forgotten as I transpose my journal onto here. I’ll be sure to include some of my doodles too!

Starting a blog meant research into finding which site to host my blog, and in doing so I ran into my blog! My old one, from 2011. Apparently I have had such an idea before, so hopefully this one gets more than two entries.

I’m going to include those posts from my old blog. I had completely forgotten that that had happened my first full day in New Zealand. How funny it can be to read things you have written years later.

Not sure yet will become of my blog beyond our Europe trip, perhaps just abandon it like my old one? I intend to continue writing about whatever piques my interest. Hope you enjoy.

Ireland + Barcelona 2015

New Zealand 2011