Cork and Oliver Plumkiss

We took a red eye into Dublin. We arrived Sunday morning at 7am and had left St John’s sometime in the evening. It is only a 4 hour flight, but having just squeaked onto the plane we were given the seats in the last row to the left of the bathroom. It is loud back there. The toilet is constantly sucking crap away and the flight attendants are busy doing their thing. The seats also seemed a bit more vertical than normal, since they were jammed up against a wall. It was not a comfortable flight.

Marco, our lovely FA, gave us a goodie bag full of nibs, smarties and beef jerky, as well as two giant bottles of water. “Be careful they don’t roll under your gas pedal, they don’t fit in the cup holders.” 

Our plan was to drive straight to Cork and stay there for the night. I don’t pull all nighters very well. I like to sleep and eat regularly. I get cranky when I am lacking either. We finally got into our little Hyundai rental and zipped off onto the M50! 


The adrenaline of finally arriving and having to navigate on Ireland’s wee little roads wore off fast. We were tired. We finally arrived in Cork and drove in circles for a considerable amount of time before finding a spot to park. It was 11 or so. Thankfully it was Sunday so parking was free.


We went into the first place we saw that offered rooms, a pub. There was one man at the bar watching rugby and the bartender greeted us. She said check in wasn’t until three so we said we’d be back then. We walked back to the car, got in and slept. It was amazing. My nose was clogged and I felt gross. We checked into our little room at 3, and I think we ended up sleeping some more.

We eventually woke up and I called my good Irish friend Janette on Whatsapp. She said we had to go to Oliver Plumkiss street and walk around. The reception wasn’t that good and  I still felt like a zombie and it was hard to tell what she was saying. We grabbed pizza at Novocento and perused this lovely art book while we waited.

I forced myself to go with Rachel and walk about the town. We came upon the Leisureplex, we had to go in! It was hilarious, an empty arcade with pool tables and a bowling alley. And I mean completely empty. The sign said it was open till midnight on Sunday. The arcade games were one euro each, I thought that was a little steep. I think we played one game and left. There was an air hockey game, but it wasn’t air hockey it was air soccer. There was a pane of glass in the centre dividing the field. I guess that’s to prevent people launching their paddles at each other.

We found Oliver Plumkiss street, as it is actually Oliver Plunkett. Ha! We debated going in for a drink at one of the bars, but we were both exhausted and I felt sick. Off to bed we went.

The streets in Cork were a little terrifying.



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