Thank god for the drunk guy

Oooooh Toronto!  I miss that city.


Due to the Blue Jays epic season, Rachel and I decided that we must try to get in one more game before the end of the year. We ended up deciding to just squish it in at the beginning of our vacation, getting a chance to visit in Toronto before heading off to Ireland.

We ended up choosing to go to Friday’s game against the Red Sox, and while looking, I for some reason or another ran into the fact that Shakey Graves was playing at the Horseshoe the same night! It was meant to be!!! I immediately bought tickets for both, how better to start off a vacation then to go to a Jays game followed up with a show at an intimate venue with a phenomenal artist.

Typical of all of our trips to Toronto, we went and ate at Lisa Marie on Queen Thursday night; unfortunately it wasn’t their hip hop night and Rachel didn’t get a chance to clear the dance floor. We visited my sister Kristen who brought us a plate of pad thai fries! They are dangerous; still have yet to try the Elvis dessert.

We had the pleasure of sharing our evening with one of my favourites, Drew! We chilled out on the back patio at Sweaty Betty’s and were joined by Shonna and Jeff and their friends. Oh my god I love you guys! So happy to have seen you all!

The next day Rachel and Kristen cruised around on Queen and then up into Chinatown looking for Christmas gifts (in September). On their way over they ran into some guy with a giant snake. Imagine that.


Kristen took Rachel into a video store where a little old asian woman opened a back door and shooed them inside. Within, Rachel was awed by all of the paper slips inside plastic sleeves displaying hundreds of movies. “I think this is illegal!” $20 for 7 movies, not a bad deal.

Both events on Friday were everything I wanted them to be; Jays won 6-1 and Shakey blew us away.I love that man, haven’t gotten sick of him yet, though maybe my body has.


Saturday morning I really didn’t feel good. Kristen mixed me a whole bunch of crazy concoctions. I left the house wreaking of oil of oregano and garlic. The garlic, ginger beet juice was actually really good, but potent. I don’t know that any of it worked, I continued to get more sick.

We met up with Shonna and Kristen after they nearly died in their yoga class that morning. Apparently people were dropping like flies, the room was maybe a wee bit hotter than usual. The teacher eventually opened the door to let some fresh air in but it was too late.

We were flying stand by to St John’s and had no problem getting on. In the Toronto airport there was this homeless looking guy who was chugging beers at the nearest bar before boarding. I saw him on the plane and he was passed right out.

There was nothing open in St John’s but an overpriced pre-made sandwich shop that was combined with a Tim Horton’s. There were zero seats left on the flight from St John’s to Dublin, Rachel had left me in the dark on this fact though, not wanting me to worry. I wasn’t too concerned, so we’d get to spend the night in Newfoundland. The gate agents kept paging some guy who was nowhere to be found.

So the deal was there was one open seat, plus the seat for the man that had disappeared. Rachel and I didn’t want to split up, so we were opting to stay for the night. Finally though, they waved us up to the desk. This was when the grungy beer drinking guy reappeared. Apparently he had been causing issues on the plane from Toronto (before he passed out I guess?) and we assumed that he’d left the terminal in search of more alcohol.

It was a bit tense when our boarding passes were being printed as he was standing right behind us, not aware that he was about to be told that he was going to be barred from boarding the plane.

We got on, hooray! Off to the Emerald Isle!


Saturday September 19, 2015



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